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Our commitment to our customers and this industry is built on trust and integrity.


You can rest assured knowing you’ve made the right choice, You’re getting an entire team of professionals which are placed in every crucial position associated in providing a “Full Service”.


Our method of business is by establishing a friendship between us and each one of our clients, we strive to be your life-long real estate advisors from current market buying/selling strategies, making an investment in a piece of land, to preparing, listing and selling your property.

This is the New Home Team
Feel free to contact any of our professionals

Clint Schlotfeldt


President/Real Estate Agent



Tel: 425-422-3700

Jake Mann


Marketing Director



Tel: 425-590-7743

Bruce Hoffman


Real Estate Agent



Tel: 425-422-5697

Lorri Hoffman


Listing Coordinator



Tel: 425-356-3300

Jeri Schlotfeldt


Administrative Assistant



Tel: 425-356-3300

Roslyn Jackson


Design Coordinator



Tel: 425-347-1475